The majesty and splendor of the Rocky Mountains meets world-class entertainment.


The Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater is working with partners to develop a complete calendar of events in 2021. We look forward to sharing what summer will bring and we hope to see you here!

In 2020, we were among a very small list of venues that found a way to open our doors to in-person events and performances. We adapted, adjusted, and re-imagined the performing arts experience. Our Turn Up The Amp fund was a critical piece of a season that allowed us to offer our full Hot Summer Nights concert schedule, three additional headliner concerts, a Vail Dance Festival watch party, multiple movie nights, one unforgettable evening with classical artists Joshua Bell, Larisa Martinez, and Peter Dugan presented by the Vilar Performing Arts Center, and a welcome set of seven classical performances from our friends at Bravo! Vail.

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